Business development consultancy

Creation and execution of BD strategy

  • Clear understanding of your asset value and potential, as well as your objectives and funding needs is essential to create a fit-for-purpose BD strategy and succesfully execute it using our BD expertise

Licensing & partnering

  • Scientific due dilligence
  • Identifying and approaching potential partners
  • Creating teasers and project information materials
  • Moderating discussions and facilitating mutual understanding
  • Supporting contract negotiations

Corporate transactions

  • Business plan development
  • Identifying and approaching potential investors
  • Data room creation
  • Supporting contract negotiations
  • Scientific due dilligence

R&D consultancy

Project plan development

  • For drugs and medical devices
  • From target validation up to proof-of-concept in humans

Clinical research consultancy

  • Clinical development strategy and plans
  • Clinical trial design and protocol development
  • Investigational product safety risk assessment
  • Development of risk mitigation strategy and plans
  • Advisory board set-up and management
  • Medical monitoring

Translational science consultancy

  • Translational strategy development
  • Biomarker development planning
  • Protocols for human biological samples collection
  • Creating collaborations with hospitals, academia and CROs

Scientific and medical writing

  • R&D project summaries and overviews
  • Investigator brochures
  • Clinical trial protocols, informed consent forms, and other clinical trial-related documents

Virtual drug development

Project plan development

  • Leadership and management of drug discovery and early development projects are among of our core capabilities.
  • We apply our expertise to formulate an attractive product vision and create a fit-for-purpose project plan towards it, having in mind three key imperatives:

Deliver Proof-of-Concept

Demonstrate developability

Display differentiation

  • Defining the PoC as early as possible is critical for efficient project planning as it allows for timely definition and implementation of appropriate translational strategy and recognition of a minimum data set which should be delivered to enable PoC trial.
  • Timely identification and remediation of possible developability issues is of outmost importance, since developability is critical for product viability.
  • Early recognition of differentiation potential and building-up the supporting evidence is vital for product attractiveness, reimbursability and overall commercial value.
  • Finally, realistic estimation of project timelines and budget provides insurance that the project could be delivered against the approved plan.

Virtual drug development


The cornerstones of each R&D project are:

  • Good idea,
  • An investor willing to fund its development, and
  • A capable project leader who is able to understand the idea, formulate a clear vision of the product, and set-up a right core project team.

Starting from above, everything else needed for successful execution of the project does not represent the core capability and, therefore, may be outsourced.

Evolution of business-driven mindset within academia, along with maturation and diversification of the CRO industry, have created a suitable environment for complete virtualization of R&D, even from the earliest stages of the project.

There are at least three major benefits of virtualisation.

  • R&D projects can be succesfully run by virtual companies, minimizing the fixed costs of the business; instead of investing into labs, equipment and other amenities, the funds are solely dedicated to project progression and anticipated benefits.
  • There are no internal barriers to seek worldwide expertise; individual studies or parts of the project are run by the companies that are specialists in particular field, with good insight into both state-of-the-art and standard practice.
  • There is high level of flexibility, which allows for a fit-for-purpose mix of collaborators. While the overall objective is to run the project as fast as possible at minimum cost, depending on the current project needs and challenges, the particular studies may be outsourced to the world leading scientific centres, or to cost competitve routine service providers, as appropriate.

Based on our expertise in pharmaceutical R&D, proven project management skills, long-standing experience in out-sourcing a variety of R&D services, and a trusted network of experts with industrial background across key R&D disciplines, we are well positioned to take over the management of drug discovery/early development projects and deliver these for the Client using virtual R&D operations.

R&D management consultancy

Our long-standing experience in managing R&D projects and different R&D organisations (Mid pharma, Big pharma and Biotech) allows us to offer a variety of R&D management consultancy services, including, but not limited to:

  • Project leadership
  • Project management
  • Portfolio management
  • Due diligence and streamlining of R&D systems and processes
  • Mergers or restructuring of R&D organisations
  • Technology transfer
  • Setting-up R&D operations in line with industry standards
  • Change management

Participation in EU research consortia

We are open for participation in research consortia, especially those gathered to discover and/or develop novel medicines, medical devices or other disease management solutions.

Our involvement in your research consortium will:

  • Enrich the consortium with industry experience and perspective
  • Ensure that your project plan meets industry standards and expectations
  • Ensure that your project plan has addressed all key elements of pharmaceutical R&D
  • Ensure that proposed timelines and budget are sufficient to deliver what is promised
  • Add project management expertise, which is critical for successful project delivery
  • Engage business development expertise, which is critical for commercial exploitation of results or further project progression after grant expiry